sobota, 13 września 2014

A special note ^^

I used to complain a lot when I was younger. I still don't know how I was able to enjoy my life while remaining in the state ME vs THE WORLD. But getting older and older I figured out the foundation of my pessimism and grumpiness. That was simple. My negative attitude made me like that. 'So then, I thought, 'what's next? Now I know  what's wrong with me, but still then, what's next?' I had to change my whole view of the world. And that's not so easy indeed. Who has also had to do that, knows it very well. The worst part of it is when you're doing your best, but there are no effects and then you think: 'So I must do something in the wrong way. Ah, then I guess this all plan sucks- I'm giving up. There's no sense to do it any longer'. These thoughts are the most dangerous. Why? Because we're convinced this is truth, even if it isn't. How sad.. Our brains possess our body and can take us in as well. What should be done in this kind of trying-letting-go moments? I do don't know. Each person is different. And in this situation I don't want to generalize all of us, because I truly know it wouldn't be fair. The only thing which appeared in my mind and can be useful for all of you is that don't quit and try to mofidy your strategy of fighting against what you call 'bad habits' or 'bad attitude' or 'thigs I want to change in my life at all'.
But aside from 'what to do?', there still remains very important point of this note. The motivation. It is needed all the time, every day, every night, thoughtout life. But where can you get if from? Frankly speaking, it's everywhere, all around you. It's surrounding you even if you are not aware of it. But it still is. Just think in this way: 'I'm a newborn and everything is new for me.' Try to look at the things around you through 'baby's glasses'. It will help, believe me. You'll become more curious about the world and feel the happiness resoning from things you would never suspect of being so interesting and causing so strong feeling. Just give it a try, let the things become reborn and affect you. I'm sure it will pay off. The world is so beautiful that there is no way it won't have a positive impact on you. :)

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