poniedziałek, 16 lutego 2015

The beginning of a journey with Korean! ...and something about the future.

I'm listening Korean ballads while writing this post. After watching amazing performance of Tim Doner, a young polyglot (maybe someone of you knows), in TED show( I don't know whether I can call it a 'show' but I can't come up with something else so I'll just stay with this), I've got inspired again. Thanks, Tim! Now I know what I lack and what I can improve in my way of learning languages. :) Having fun seems crucial in this case. And that's good. I'm fed up with learning everything because I have to, because it'll help me in the future. Bullshit! If I don't enjoy doing what I do, then what's the purpose of the whole learning? Learning by heart, learning only for exams, learning only to have good marks...what is this all for? It is proved people learn quicker when they're interested in the subject they're getting to know. So why should it be a duty?
I've been learning English over 8 years so far. And I think I hadn't improve it too much until I got seriously interested in it because of all the thoughts about the future and what I would like to do for a living. I was thinking and thinking and it came up to me that the only thing which makes me feel that I'm doing something valuable and what improves myself is learning languages and getting to know other people's worldviews. I'm a person who is shy, indecesive, whose mood changes really fast and who keeps looking for a solution for a life. Languages are like gates to the vast source of knowledge in this world. They convey not only thoughts but also feelings, words sound different but name the same things. Isn't it amazing? People all over the world say 'hello', 'goodbye', 'i'm sorry'- all in different ways! The world is so big and consists of so many things that it's hard to embrace everything. People seem to be little books, full of information about these wonderful things. And what is the right way to learn it all? Communication. My sworn enemy, seriously! I hate it so much because I do suck at it. T^T  But I'm not going to give up and want to work on it and finally be able to convey my thoughts as well as understand the world more. I thought I would find the answer in books. The outcome turned out to be disappointing. So many books and no answer. What's more- it's become even more complicated and confusing. But I'm not done yet. I'm going to seek out the answer as long as I'll have to. So I need people to do it. So I need languages to communicate with them. So I need the culture background too. I want to penetrate reasons why they live like they do. What do they feel and why. Why? This question accompanies me all the time. Keeps nagging me to look for, look for, lookr and look for, try and try and try and try. But I have my own limits. Sometimes I can't take more. And I fall, many time. But! Korean seems a great beginning. ^^ I'll do my best.

밥! Haha

czwartek, 20 listopada 2014

A perfect birthday party?

Recently I've noticed the condition of my body is getting worse. So I decided to start doing yoga. I think it's a great idea for those who are constantly nervous/anxious. It's hard time for me these days, the school's pressure is making me stressed out almost every day and I haven't been able to find a good way to reduce it somehow. In my point of view yoga could help. So keep you fingers crossed and wish me luck!
Anyway, that's not the topic I wanted to write about. If you could choose...what kind of place would you pick for your birthday party? I'm curious because today I had to give a few adventages and disadventages of throwig the birthday party on the beach, bowling center or cosy private place like a family house. The first one was connected with a barbeque, the second with bowling (yeah, what a surprise) and the third one with a bunch of friends with a sweeeeeeet birthday cake. I wasn't able to come up with something about those and... thinking about it now, I must admit I didn't know what to say because for me, the place where I celebrate my birthday doesn't matter. The most important thing is to spend this special day with special guys. ^^ I don't have any preferences when it comes to that case, so.. But I wonder... Some people have. What about you? Where would you like to celebrate your birthday? What would be the perfect birthday party like? Would you like to share?
Let's exchange our birthdays's ideas!

sobota, 13 września 2014

A special note ^^

I used to complain a lot when I was younger. I still don't know how I was able to enjoy my life while remaining in the state ME vs THE WORLD. But getting older and older I figured out the foundation of my pessimism and grumpiness. That was simple. My negative attitude made me like that. 'So then, I thought, 'what's next? Now I know  what's wrong with me, but still then, what's next?' I had to change my whole view of the world. And that's not so easy indeed. Who has also had to do that, knows it very well. The worst part of it is when you're doing your best, but there are no effects and then you think: 'So I must do something in the wrong way. Ah, then I guess this all plan sucks- I'm giving up. There's no sense to do it any longer'. These thoughts are the most dangerous. Why? Because we're convinced this is truth, even if it isn't. How sad.. Our brains possess our body and can take us in as well. What should be done in this kind of trying-letting-go moments? I do don't know. Each person is different. And in this situation I don't want to generalize all of us, because I truly know it wouldn't be fair. The only thing which appeared in my mind and can be useful for all of you is that don't quit and try to mofidy your strategy of fighting against what you call 'bad habits' or 'bad attitude' or 'thigs I want to change in my life at all'.
But aside from 'what to do?', there still remains very important point of this note. The motivation. It is needed all the time, every day, every night, thoughtout life. But where can you get if from? Frankly speaking, it's everywhere, all around you. It's surrounding you even if you are not aware of it. But it still is. Just think in this way: 'I'm a newborn and everything is new for me.' Try to look at the things around you through 'baby's glasses'. It will help, believe me. You'll become more curious about the world and feel the happiness resoning from things you would never suspect of being so interesting and causing so strong feeling. Just give it a try, let the things become reborn and affect you. I'm sure it will pay off. The world is so beautiful that there is no way it won't have a positive impact on you. :)

piątek, 29 sierpnia 2014

Something interesting

Holidays are coming to the end, but I decided to share with you some link to pretty interesting website I've found recently. So enjoy it as well as me ;D

Thanks a lot to this awesome guy! You do a great job!

wtorek, 12 sierpnia 2014


...zastanawiam się, co siedzi w głowach tak wielu ludzi.
...mam ochotę rzucić wszystko i po prostu iść przed siebie.
...nie widzę sensu w tym, co robię.
...brak mi motywacji, której nie potrafię w sobie rozbudzić żadnymi sposobami.
...chciałabym zmienić swoje życie o 180 stopni.
...myślę, co by było, gdybym miała inny charakter.
...rozmyślam na tym, co się wydarzy w przyszłości.
...martwi mnie zbyt wiele rzeczy.
...zastanawiam się, co tutaj robię.
...wszystko wydaje się trudne, ale to, co wciąż mnie trzyma przy nadziei na lepsze jutro, to....

...nie ma czegoś takiego.