wtorek, 22 lipca 2014

Something in English would be nice :3

Fear. Whenever we are afraid of something, we called it anxiety, phobia, defective infirmity, which all of us have. The fear of height, spiders or even another human. We are slaves of this fear which keeps us in cramped hutches covered with cloth to make us to not know how it works and what in fact it is.
There are people who think that they are not scared of anything. In fact they are not aware of it. If we looked at them at close quarters, we would see there is always something. It can be fear of losing relatives, illness or even something trivial like falling in love. 
Watering the flowers, I came up with some reflection. Through gravitation water which is puoring into a flowerpot is being pulled at the very bottom up till it will not come across some obstacle like some waterproof thing. It could be compared with any kind of anxiety. The liquid feeds whereas it makes a plant feel compelled to developing its roots in order to not lose a nutritional part of life. Fear forces us to appreciate the most valuable things for us. The water, flowing down the flowerpot, gives a foretaste of real happiness, but a big part of is beyond our reach. Therefore, getting deeper and deeper, we are grabbing life-giving water greedily. But also meanwhile we think that this bliss is too much and reject consciously a lot of drops. The holded drops we find as happiness, the rest as fear. What should we be afraid of, after all? The water which we take from? Or rather our infinite psyche which unconsciously calls things not by names? 
Let's try to think about it for a while- what does really give a meaning to life? If there was no fear, we would not know what we lose. Then fear is valuable. According what we said, it does not make fear bad. And when something is not bad, it should not make us scared. 
The fear we also can compared with solar energy, influences on plant's growth widely. In this case the water is satisfaction and sunlight- the fear. The sun dries the water, so the plant has got strong reason to be anxious. It does not want to lose happiness, that is obvious. But the water does not give it the real happiness, it destroys it, making it rots. Despite fear, the sun is its need to make it produce an oxygen, its life's happiness, the thing which makes it able to breath and feed it. So the plant takes advantages of the fear. And when we take advantage of something, we claim it worthwhile. When something is worthwhile, it turns out be good, according name, it cannot be a bad thing. And something which cannot be bad, should not make us scared. 
The fear is only an imagination. We see it through the eyes of out mind, we feel by eyes of imagination, we hear through imagination while somebody else knows it very well. Why is it all like that? Why everybody is not afraid of the same things? The answer is simple: there does not exist something like fear. In the whole world- there exists only wrong usage of positive aspects of life.
So what can we do in order to use them in right way?
Just stand face to face with the fear and understand that there is no fear, because it has got something valuable which makes sense of our existence. There would be no good things if there were no bad things. That is the holy truth. 
To be honest- I'm still struggling with my anxiety. It is a difficult fight (and sometimes even painful) which takes place inside of every person. I'm trying to turn moments of fear into moments of strength and
decisiveness. I'm taking new energy of it and then something like fear just disappears irrevocably. 


Yo, people! I've found this feuilleton (or essay?) in my school briefcase. It's from my past middle school's polish classes (probably 3rd year, I guess)and I thought it would be awesome to translate it and show you, guys. It took me about 3 hours to do that so please, be forgiving. I hope you enjoyed it. ^^


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